Zodiac Review by Daghan Dalgic

Zodiac is a movie based on a masked real life murderer who sends clues and messages to the police.  It follows the story of a political writer who still investigates the murderer, years after journalists and policemen give up on the subject. 


The movie stars Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gylenhall and Mark Ruffalo. Jake Gylenhall is the lead and he plays a shy character. I feel like he has so much potential to become the next Daniel Day Lewis but hasn't had the chance to show off his full potential. Let's hope Nightcrawler does just that. Robert Downey Jr. plays what he is best at playing. The charismatic know it all. He is great at it but we need to see another Chaplin, if you ask me. And last but not least, Mark Ruffalo plays the lead policemen and he is incredible. The acting is very solid in this movie. 

To be completely honest, since this is a mystery movie, I was expecting for a last minute plot twist but then I realised the stupidity of it. This movie is not about who the Zodiac killer is but the mental states of the people that investigate him. The ending dissatisfied me at first but then it clicked. All the characters in this movie serve a purpose and show a different path. This shows just how well the screenplay is written. 

David Fincher brilliantly makes another piece of art that is intriguing and memorable. It is not as dark as Se7en, even though they are both thrillers made by the same director. Zodiac succeeds at having the audience watch at the tip of their seats without having any violent scenes or cruel murders. It is truly brilliant. Although it is a long movie, every second is incredible and it is a must-see for all movie lovers. 

Overall score: 8/10