Wolf of Wall Street Review by Daghan Dalgic

Even if you haven't seen this movie, I am sure you have heard of it somewhere. Martin Scorsese's latest piece, Wolf of Wall Street was everywhere in 2013 and was nominated for 5 Academy Awards. This movie is packed with energy and doesn't slow down until the end. It is about a stock broker called Jordan Belfort's rise to success in the wall street and gaining the name of ...... Yep! You guessed it. 


One of the best things about this movie is the acting. Leonardo DiCaprio proves himself to be one of the best once again and personally, this was his best performance. Jonah Hill is also in this movie and rightfully deserves an oscar nomination, however, I didn't think he was as astonishing as some of the other reviews say that he is. It was a solid performance. It seems to be an unpopular opinion but I think he was better in Moneyball. 

This movie features some incredible photography and editing. It includes many amazingly complicated shots and it's clear that this is a Martin Scorsese movie. Also the sets are just beautiful. In terms of story, this movie does have the feel of Goodfellas in the sense that it tells the story of a man rising in a business and eventually falls due to his greed but this movie definitely offers more. 

To summarize my thoughts, this an incredible movie. It isn't the best Martin Scorsese movie because as I have said in my review of Hugo, that place belongs to Goodfellas. 

Overall score: 9/10