The Man Who Fell To Earth Review by Jake Kelly

My initial thought about this movie was that it was going to be really bad. I thought that because it stared David Bowie, and although he is my favourite artist, I he would be like all the other singers who act for publicity, like Justin Bieber, and I thought it would make me dislike David Bowie. As it turns out, I was wrong! David Bowie was amazing. He poured emotion, flare and style into his acting and developed his character well through the movie. The movie itself of course lacked the special effects of today, however it fully made up for it in depth, style and originality.

In this movie, Bowie plays Thomas Jerome Newton, whose spacecraft has landed in a New Mexico lake and has come to Earth because of a drought on his own planet; he wants to use his advanced technological gifts to ship water back home.

Newton quickly enjoys remarkable success. He can process huge amounts of information about Earth (watching 12 TV screens at once), starts a company to sell patents for his futuristic inventions, becomes fabulously wealthy and at one point looks likely to eclipse America’s largest corporations.

There are many beautifully shot scenes, such as the desert landscapes and the shot of the man falling to earth. However, there is a considerable amount of nudity, so be aware. If you enjoy deep, thought provoking and original movies with insightful and interesting plot line,then The Man Who Fell To Earth is certainly for you.

For these reasons, I rate this movie a 9/10 plus an extra 0.5 for David Bowie.