The Incredible Hulk Review by Daghan Dalgic

Marvel's second movie on their epic cinematic universe creation plan is about one of the hardest characters to bring to the big screen, 'The Incredible Hulk'. The previous attempt was by Ang Lee and that was far from incredible. So, how successful was this attempt?

The Incredible Hulk is a tough character to have in the movies. If you have him wrecking stuff and fighting for the entire movie, you will have a Michael Bay-esque heartless action movie. And, if you try to show the humanity within him, you will get a boring drama such as Ang Lee's 'Hulk'. You need to get the balance perfect, whilst having the right amount of both, which is very challenging for filmmakers to portray because you can't show Bruce Banner present humanity and empathy in his hulk form. The two essential components "a good Hulk movie needs" are mutually exclusive mostly. 

The movie starts out very bluntly (in a good way) with the origins. The problem with first movies in superhero sagas is that they spend way too much time on the origins. This is a big reason why the first movies of the Spiderman movies aren't that exciting. I really enjoyed seeing this, it was a very fresh take. The origins is that Bruce Banner does experiments for the military, and injects himself with something, that goes terribly wrong. He runs away to find himself a cure, whilst the military is trying to find him. 

The acting is very solid. Edward Norton as the actor that he is, does justice to the Hulk role and nails it. You really feel for him in this movie, but I can definitely see why he did not continue this role in the future. He is an actor that is too good and too young to spend time on superhero movies. The bad guy in this movie is the stereotypical bad and twisted military officer, which is portrayed by William Hurt. He did a good job, and he was what you would expect a character like that to be. 

Now, let's talk what everyone loves to hate. CGI. I thought that the effects in this movie were superb. The texture of the monster was very real, even though it was computer generated. There is no other way of showing the Hulk. My only complain is that the final fight between Hulk and another creature is a little too much animation and I had to look away for a bit. 

Overall, is 'The Incredible Hulk' a brilliant movie? No, far from it. The story is weak in places and sometimes not very interesting. But, does it do justice to the character and is it a fun movie? Definitely. 

Score: 6.5/10