The Birdcage Review by Daghan Dalgic

The Birdcage is about a homosexual club owner called Armand (Robin Williams) and his partner Albert (Nathan Lane) who learn that their son is marrying the daughter of a very conservative senator (Gene Hackman).

The acting in this movie is incredibly solid. Robin Williams’ ceaseless energy was superbly fun to watch. Nathan Lane demonstrates unforgettable and iconic acting but; personally, Hank Azaria’s character Agador the maid stole every scene he was in.

At first when these characters are introduced, I was a little skeptical about finishing the movie. They all seemed more annoying than funny. However, I still don’t know how the writer, Jean Poiret, did what he did but as the movie goes on the audience becomes emotionally attached to these characters, unlike in any other movie. The strongest sides of this movie are the complexities of the different characters. 

This movie was nominated for an Oscar for Stage Direction and I can fully see why. Some of the strange and complicated shots really make this movie a visual experience for the audience. Everything from color to lighting was beautiful.

Overall, this movie is truly a comedy gem and a must-watch if you love laughing loudly. The only thing that could have made this movie a little better is maybe more scene that really highlight the relationship between the young couple also, a slower paced ending. They started rolling the credits way too soon if you ask me and you will get what I am saying when you watch the movie but other than that, I can say that this is a comedy classic and I will probably watch it again in the near future. 

Overall Score: 7.5/10