'Stand by Me' Review by Ammar Akhtar

Stand by Me stars River Phoenix, Will Wheaton, Corey Feldman, and Jerry O'Connell. It's directed by Rob Reiner. This movie tells the tale of four friends on the search for a dead body. Along the way, they will learn more about themselves and the nature of the world they live in.

I'll say this: 'Stand by Me' feels like an adventurous journey rather than a movie. From start to finished, your enthralled in the long mission to find this dead body due to the dramatic story and incredibly fleshed out characters.

I love a movie with excellent characters, and this movie shows what I want from one in the best way. The story revolves around four kids and we experience an adventure full of emotion that is hard to handle. The strongest characters are definitely Gordie Lachance and Chris Chambers as they resemble a strong friendship that almost acts like a brotherhood. This was one of the many great things about 'Stand by Me' as it reminded me of a friendship I have with someone else. My friend and I are like brothers based on how close we are, and it felt like this movie perfectly captured what our friendship was like. They both help each other and are there for each other along with playing jokes on one another, similar to my friendship. I was very surprised by this as I never thought I'd see two other friends act like brothers. 

Along with it's excellent characters, the movie has a VERY compelling story that will always keep you interested. Our main character, Gordie, has a huge conflict that comes in the way of both his family and himself. It takes a great toll on him that we see progress in the story. It was probably the greatest sub plot in the entire movie as it shows Gordie in a circumstance that's very sad to watch. It added A LOT of depth to the character, and it was very heartbreaking towards the end when we finally see the climax as it's connected to this problem.

When it comes to kid actors, some are not the best, but these four boys acted brilliantly. My favorite was probably River Phoenix's performance. It felt very realistic and I was sold by his performance. It's a tragedy what happened to him because this man would've been a GREAT actor (possibly better than his brother, Joaquin). Wil Wheaton also gave a brilliant performance, especially towards the third act of the movie. His performance was very moving and it was full of emotion. I applaud these four boys for giving such excellent performances.

Overall, 'Stand by Me' has everything I want from a movie: fleshed out characters, brilliant story, and great acting. I connected very much with the movie as it displayed a friendship that I can relate to. Please do yourself a service and watch this movie ASAP. It was so beautiful to watch these four boys travel along to find the dead body.

MY SCORE: 10/10