Princess Mononoke Review by Ammar Akhtar

Princess Mononoke stars the voices of Billy Bob Thorton, Minnie Driver and Jada Pinkett Smith. It's directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke follows a young man named Ashitaka. After his hand is cursed by a boar demon, he must cleanse it before it takes over his body and kills him. In order to complete this, he must go to the forest and find the spirit that can help cure it. While doing this, he is caught stuck in a war between the spirits of nature against the people who are colonizing the forest lands and destroying it.

Princess Mononoke is an anime film. To many, this may seem like a letdown. Many people look down at anime, including some film lovers. I know I did at one point, but after watching this and many other anime's I hope to review, my view on the genre has completely changed for the better.

Not only is this one of the best anime's out there, but it probably is one of the best movies ever. What makes Princess Mononoke so unique and different is the artistic vision. Many shots in the film are long, beautiful and stunning. Some show creatures walking slowly, and others just show nature. The film does an amazing job at establishing the world of nature. It's so elegant and beautiful, you almost wonder why humans even bother to destroy it.

Going more on the theme, the film looks over the views of environment. It shows how man has taken over nature, and how we abuse it. The way nature is portrayed definitely shows that it's something worth conserving. As I stated before, the elegance and beauty of it is simply mesmerizing. We see that humans are going through an industrialization stage in their time, and the way how they treat nature goes along the lines of the theme. This part of the movie was seen throughout, and it's what shined most in the film.

The characters are handled beautifully. Ashitaka was a born hero, and his character was very interesting because he was neutral throughout the war. He never favored one side over the other, and that was really interesting. I also loved the forest spirit. He played a significant role in the film, especially towards the end. He was probably the most intriguing character simply because of the artistic way in which he is handled. All of the characters as a whole are well crafted and executed.

One other thing I found very interesting was that both sides were equally good and bad. As I stated before, Ashitaka stays neutral throughout the battle, and we see the good in both humans and nature. Both are not always good because we do see flaws in both. What is very interesting is that there isn't necessarily a main antagonist. That may seem like a bad thing, but it isn't. Either one may seem bad, but equally share the amount of greatness that they offer. This was a very intriguing part that I found to be very smart.

Overall, there is one word that can describe this film: beautiful. The sheer brilliance of a story and characters shine throughout this piece of art. It shares the importance of the environment which was very well executed. Along with that, the film does not have different heroes or villains because man and nature are equally good and bad. It was very interesting to see this type of technique. If your a fan of film, you must see this. This film is better than some movies that are considered to be the greatest of all time. It's pure beauty and elegance helps build it's true glory. This is one film that I will never forget.

MY SCORE: 10/10