Alfie Review by Lynus

The movie ‘Alfie’ is about a womanizer of the same name who always seems to get his way with the ladies. For all the fans of ‘How I met your mother’, Alfie is akin to an English Barney Stinson under the guise of Jude Law. If you particularly love Barney, you’ll love this guy as well; the protagonist is virtually as smooth as silk ties themselves 

‘Alfie’ starts off with the main character in bed, cladded though (dang!). Something about it strongly reminds me of the Billie Piper’s series ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ (it was probably the narrating-to-self style, which is always quite intimate).

As every lady-killer, Alfie is sleek, cheeky with a horror of commitment, though there eventually comes a point in his life when he feels the need to bond emotionally in a serious relationship (a quite predictable plot, mind you). I’d classify ‘Alfie’ as a light, yet reflective, comedy (did I tell you that our buddy had to undergo a phase of manhood malfunction? - hilarious).

BUT this doesn’t mean that the movie is superficial, no. Following a series of karmic incidences, the conclusion of ‘Alfie’ entails a solemn sulking guy wandering the streets of Manhattan, all alone, on Christmas – a pitiful price to pay for promiscuity.

I’d recommend Alfie for all the boys and girls out there who feel they’d enjoy a little naughty Christmas delight. It’s not suitable for general family viewing though, given the abundance of sensitive hot spots (come on, it’s Jude Law we’re talking about here – no kidding, no kids). To be honest, ‘Alfie’ is more of a chick flick in my opinion. There are tensions, but they’re not too intense or twisted. Zero suspense. Null to cliff hangers. Just pure laid-back English humour, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

 Score: 6.5/10 (it’s a bit simple-plotted for my taste).