Iron Man 2 Review by Ammar Akhtar

Iron Man 2 stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, and Samuel L. Jackson. Tony Stark is back and now that the world knows he's Iron Man, he must deal with a new enemy who has a connection to his father. He must also battle his health as the arc reactor is beginning to kill him.

Welcome to the next MCU review, and this time we have Iron Man 2. This is probably my least favorite Marvel movie due to numerous reasons which I plan to go over in the review:

First of all, the plot was all over the place and nothing really meshed together very well. At points it focuses at the villainous Whiplash, but then at others it would go back to Tony's health. These two subplots didn't really benefit each other and they felt as though they were going in separate directions. In my opinion, I think having these two come together perfectly would have improved the movie greatly, but the state in which we got it in simply didn't work for me. One could argue they attempted to mix them together, but as I said it didn't really work well. Along with that, we are given some more relationship problems with Tony and his beloved ones, but it was just another addition to an already packed plot.

It also felt as though Iron Man 2 mainly existed due to some SHIELD build up for Marvels big project that would become a success, The Avengers. We are introduced to some of the significant members of SHIELD. For example, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, and Phil Coulsen. Although they were needed for the future of Marvels bigger projects, these characters felt out of place. You could tell that Marvel needed to shoehorn them in to this movie, and for that reason they didn't really feel needed. I think if you took all of them out along with the build up of the Avengers, the movie would feel less crowded.

Even though those are some huge flaws, the movie definetley has some moments where it was fantastic. I mentioned this before in my Iron Man review and I'll say it again: Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. It's as if he was born to play Tony Stark because he just owns the role. He was able to bring in his hilarious personality to the character, which was very great to see on screen. Don Cheadle also did a fantastic job as Rhodey, and Gwyneth Paltrow too was great as Pepper Potts. The only character that I didn't really care for was unfortunatley Mickey Rourke's Whiplash.

Marvel has a tough time creating memorable villains, and they failed once again with Whiplash. Due to the story problems mentioned above, his character didn't really add anything and wasn't necessary. Removing him entirely could've improved the story drastically in my opinion. Also, it was mentioned at points that he had a connection to Tony's father, but there was nothing mysterious about it. All that was mentioned was that Whiplash's father worked alongside Tony's. That was it. It didn't really add anything to the character and was unneccessary. As a whole, not a great villain.

Overall, Iron Man 2 was a disappointment. It had a ton of issues including a convoluted story, Avengers build up and villain problems. Even though they exist, it's not an awful movie. Iron Man 2 has some great heroes and excellent action scenes. I loved the scene in which both Tony and Rhodey fight against the droids in the park! Although it contains flaws, you can still have a good time with this movie.

MY SCORE: 6.5/10