Raiders Of The Lost Ark Review by Ammar Akhtar

Raiders Of The Lost Ark is the first of the four Indiana Jones films. It stars Harrison Ford as Dr. Jones. It's directed by Steven Spielberg. Raiders Of The Lost Ark tells the tale of Indiana Jones, and his search for the lost ark of the covenant. He must get it, but he's not the only one looking for it. The Nazi's are searching for it as well, and he must get it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark is another classic film that deserves the praise it receives. This film raised the standards for all action films due to its awesomeness.

The movie as a whole does what it's meant to do: be a great adventure/action film. The plot is a really basic one. There is coffin that others are trying to get, similar to this years Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the way they portray this plot is amazing. The adventure of Indy was great. We saw him travel to the deserts of Cairo, and him fighting against the nazi's for the ark was really good. The scene where he's trying to retrieve the ark by hanging on to the truck with his whip was very adventurous and excellent. It was intense, fun, action-packed, and exciting. In fact, a lot of scenes felt that way. The film successfully attempts to excites it's audience with the adventurous and action-packed thrills it has in store.

Going on to my detailed perspective, this film has some beautiful shots and scenes. The first scene where we see Indy getting a golden statue was really great. It was nicely shot and edited. The sound effects were great as well with the whip noise just popping out of nowhere. Something I also liked was that it showed people sneaking around. I remember in one shot there was a figure walking around a tent at night, and we saw that by the persons shadow through a light. I thought that was a very interesting take. Usually the audience isn't shown others sneaking about, but they did it with a very appealing style. Spielberg made a nice move with this one. Other than that, a lot of the other shots had very good composition, which is always a plus.

The character Indiana Jones is very intriguing and iconic to some. He is a unique hero. In the film, we saw him go for the ark before he went to save Marion. We would usually see our hero save the girl first before anything else, but it was different in this. I thought that it was very interesting to see someone who doesn't place lives as his first priority. Along with that, Indy has got a really sweet look. He's got the whip and the hat. That's all he needs. In superhero movies today, we see heroes in full costumes, with a unique style of clothing and really sharp weapons. With Dr. Jones, he doesn't need all those things because he's epic just by those two objects.

Overall, Raiders of the Lost Ark is an outstanding film. It has an excellent plot with a great climax and falling action. It's also has some unique shot choices and composition that made it look really good. It also has one of the best action heroes known today, and it also has one of the best scores of all time by John Williams! It's an excellent film, and quite possibly one of the greats.

MY SCORE: 10/10