Inception Review by Ammar Akhtar

Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, and Marion Cotillard. It's directed by Christopher Nolan. Inception is about a dream extractor named Dom Cobb. He steals ideas from others through the use of dreams. He goes into peoples dreams and steals information. He is later hired by a businessman to do the impossible: inception. This means he will not be stealing, but instead planting an idea into the mind of a CEO.

Inception is not only one of the best movies i've ever seen, but it's also one of the most thought-provoking ones. This film makes you think very hard, which is something I adore. In order to fully understand this movie, it requires a lot of concentration.

The films complexity is the driving force. The environment of dreams and how we see our characters go deeper and deeper into them is very intriguing. Christopher Nolan released another movie this year named Interstellar where I also examined the complexity. That film was very hard to understand because the plot points were not very well explained. With Inception, characters explain the dreams in a very easy way that the audience can understand. The dreams are very mysterious, interesting and enjoyable to watch.

With a magnificent plot, it also builds up excellent intensity. I've seen this movie about 50 times now, and every time I watch it the intense build up is very enjoyable. The loud music (DUNNNNNNN) and the great action sequences make almost all the scenes very entertaining. One of my favorite scenes in particular would have to be Joseph Gordon Levitt's character, Arthur, battling the dream soldiers in the hotel hallway. All of the people in that scene were moving all around the hallway, and it was really cool to see. A very intense scene would have to be during the first dream state, where that big, black train pops out of nowhere. That was a great scene with the dream soldiers battling our main characters, and then adding that train just raised the suspense levels to a very high level. 

Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors working today because his films are very bold and stand out from others. His films are nothing compared to Spielberg or Tarantino because he makes the audience think, which is why I love this man's work. The way he made us think in Inception was brilliant. He combined the complexity, excellent suspense and action to create an interesting movie. One way he made us all think was with this movies ending. The film had an astonishing ending, which made us all wonder: what is reality? I won't spoil anything if you have not seen this movie (if you haven't though, which world have you been living in?), but just prepare to be blown away.

Overall, this movie was absolutely brilliant. I remember the first time I saw this. I was ten years old, and I had no clue what was going on, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Now that my mind has been more developed, I understand it fully and I can confidently tell all of you that this is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. This movie can be seen as one of my inspirations to make movies due to it's sheer brilliance. Christopher Nolan brought new levels to film that no one ever crossed. He combined art with the mainstream to make an entertaining movie anyone can enjoy. This truly is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

MY SCORE: 10/10