Fight Club Review by Jake Kelly

So, where do you start when reviewing possibly the greatest movie ever, in terms of plots, acting, and super cool fight scenes? 

Let's start with the deep, thought through, complex plot of the Fight Club. On the surface, (well at least in the beginning) the movie is about an unnamed insomniac (Edward Norton), who comes across a man named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who in many ways is the antithesis of the insomniac. Together they form a fight club, hence the name of the movie. Throughout the movie, they expand their club, adding new people, finding new "arenas" (despite the fact that they were all quite shabby) and towards the end they even try to expand to other countries. 

However, much like the movie The Machinist, which I will probably review soon after this review, we come to realise that the insomniac actually is actually Tyler Durden. As it turns out, Tyler Durden is a persona that the insomniac mad for himself to escape from his horribly mundane lifestyle. This makes for a tricky situation as Tyler (the insomniac, same person...) has a physical relationship with a woman in which the insomniac is jealous off. The plot is beautifully written and there are plot twists that you won’t see coming.

Anyway, the acting in this movie is great. All off the actors really get in to the eerie, mysteries tone of the movie, which is certainly not an easy mood to act in. The fight scenes are also quite cool and seem legit, which takes quite a considerable amount of time. 

Overall Score: 8/10.