Dom Hemmingway Review by Lynus

“Dom Hemmingway” is hands down the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. It is generally about the life of the master thief Dom Hemmingway (starring Jude Law) after he has served twelve years in jail for the crime committed by someone else. A sophisticated mix of tragedy and humour, this movie is – a very typical Shakespearean vibe.

I love how the story unfolds – the way events are presented just gives you the calm, pleasurable aura of reading a book. Matter of fact, I thought the whole movie was intentionally constructed in a ‘novel-like’ manner; much of the diction and the characters’ lines, with their subtle rhyme and rhythm, greatly resemble poetry – which is quite a treat, by the way.

 The timing of plot twists in “Dom Hemmingway” is amazing also: moments of suspense would catch you off guard and thrill you with such sensation! Just when you think it is the situation is an absolute deadlock, there’s a door kicked open (quite literally)! Humour is very well delivered – again, with superb timing.

 In terms of characterization, “Dom Hemmingway” cannot be faulted. Each character in the movie suits their role like a glove. Aspects regarding style, speech and fashion of every character are taken care of to meticulous details. The diversity and consistency in the characters’ personalities really bring everything up a notch.

 Just as a side note, this movie has some fantastic background music!

 Now, though, let’s travel a bit to the down side of “Dom Hemmingway”. The movie, as I’ve mentioned, is rather novel-like, and this could have caused some parts of the script to sound, well, a little too ‘scripted’. I mean, sometimes the characters’ lines are too word-perfect that it just do not sound real. Would you naturally suppose a violent crude criminal with anger issues would speak poetically of Silence using the simile of an old lady and her cats? I think not!

 What’s more, there’s a lot of foul language in the movie. I attempted counting the occurring F words but ran out of fingers and toes. I actually didn’t mind that too much, though – it is justified: it is the criminal and the low-class worlds we are exploring here, so a bit of swearing shouldn’t be too intolerable. Regarding nudity, there are some, but nothing too crude, nothing more than 15 seconds. In other words, they’re kind enough to leave most of the rude stuff to the imagination.

 SO that is all about “Dom Hemmingway”. It has the BBC as a contributor, so the good quality is rather to be expected – not that I’m biased or anything, I just happen to like a lot of their stuff :)

 Final score: 8.5/10. It’s the highest score I’ve given in any movie review so far. I highly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t already!