Collateral Review by Ammar Akhtar

Collateral stars Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruffalo. It's directed by Michael Mann. Collateral follows the story of a cab driver who's forced to drive a hit man from place to place killing civilians on his list during one night in Los Angeles

I heard that Collateral was supposed to be a good movie, so I decided to see why it received so much praise. After checking it out, I can confidently say that this film is stunning.

First of all, the performances are top notch. Tom Cruise did a magnificent job playing the villainous Vincent, who's only goal is to kill these people that are on his list. Not only is he cool with behind the gun, but he's also very intriguing when he shares dialogue with Jamie Foxx's character Max (I'll touch more on this in a bit). Speaking of Foxx, he too did a fantastic job. I loved his character as well because he touches on some important aspects of life. We hear him talk about how he leaves his world and goes on a vacation almost everyday with one picture that he hangs in his car. I loved this tiny detail about his character because I believe it can really sum up Max as a whole. 

Going back to what I said earlier about Vincent and Max, their relationship is what really shines throughout the movie. I found this to be the most interesting part of the entire movie because the dialogue they share was quite intriguing. As Vincent is driven around town by Max, he gets to know him more and more by talking to him, and even gives Max quite a few lessons in life. I found this aspect to be surprising considering they are both complete opposites. Max can be seen as the protagonist of the story while Vincent is the antagonist. Both share their opinions to each other in a way that I haven't really seen, which was great to see. They both attempt to help each other out throughout most of the film. It's a different take on the hero and villain, but it's a great one.

Along with that, the action scenes are excellent. Although there are few, they are filmed brilliantly with excellent lighting and cool stunt work. One example of this would have to be the nightclub scene. It had some great lighting and the action was handled very well. Even when Vincent shoots those 3 muggers out on the street was great too as it added some more darkness to Tom Cruise's character and was really AWESOME. 

The film also had some excellent writing. As I said before, the relationship between Max and Vincent was the main part of the movie that had me hooked, but it also had some great writing with it. The dialogue they share between one another was perfect and felt very natural. In movies, I want to see characters speak as we would see them in the regular world, and I saw this in Collateral. 

Overall, Collateral was fantastic. It had some excellent action sequences and great writing. The relationship between Vincent and Max was really interesting to see unfold. As with issues, I'd say that a few minor details were kind of unclear, but that's just one tiny flaw. This is an amazing story with an ending I wasn't expecting. If you're in need of a movie to watch, don't waste your time at the theaters, but go get Collateral.

MY SCORE: 9/10