City of God Review by Daghan Dalgic

City of God  is a Brazilian film about the transformations of the people of the city, Rio de Janeiro. It focuses on the life of the childhood of a boy called Rocket and his hesitance to getting involved with the dangers of the city. 

The screenplay is brilliantly written and organised, in a way that the viewer is able to experience the stories of other characters in the city besides Rocket through short sequences. The story is phenomenal and beautifully done. 


Risky filmmaking and series of phenomenally executed shots make this movie what it is. At one shot, the camera revolves around Rocket who is crouching to grab a chicken and then the shot transitions to Rocket as a kid playing soccer. Many incredible cinematic techniques and great editing make this movie a masterpiece. 

Another incredibly intriguing aspect  was the acting. Around 70% of the actors in this movie are children. And they nail every scene. I was very impacted by the acting. You will laugh, cry and find yourself on a journey with the characters on the screen.

City of God movie is a celebration of life, death, hate and love. I have been sitting on a chair for the last 30 minutes trying to think of anything that could be improved but there aren't any. This movie has the best editing I have ever seen and it's definitely a must-see for all movie lovers. It is one of the best movies of the 2000s. 

Overall Score: 10/10