Boyhood Review by Ammar Akhtar

Boyhood stars Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. It's directed by Richard Linklater. Boyhood tells the tale of a young boy named Mason and his journey through life from a small boy until he reaches his college ages. 

Boyhood is unlike any other film to come out simply because of the creativity behind the camera. Linklater came up with the idea of filming this movie at a span of 12 years. For this, I give the film major props for it's creativity. Along with that, it's storytelling is very creative as well.

The film captures the image of life very nicely. Everyone gives an "A" game performance, including the children. It all just feels so natural, and that is something I applaud to any film. It's really just anostonishing to see a life blossom on the screen, and this film captured it perfectly.

Some may think that there isn't any central story going on, and I can agree with that. Boyhood feels like a series of short films instead of a linear movie. That's how director Richard Linklater wanted it to be, and I saw that. This may seem like a flaw to many, but to me it kind of worked. I saw each short story as a way in which the character developed into the man we see go to college. It was a type of character development which absolutely worked.

A lot of times some parts felt unneccassary, but it wasn't until the end that I realized that they were needed. That's because one of the central themes is that life is full of small moments, and this is when life shines. For this, I felt like the film needed these small moments. 

Overall, this film is VERY innovative and creative. The way the story is told is simply unlike anything ever seen onscreen. Along with that, the film shouts themes about the small moments in life which was very beautifully handled. Just to capture a life is truly breathtaking to me because it's just so unordinary. It's so natural and just amazing to see one small boy become a man in less than 3 hours.

MY SCORE: 9/10