Back To The Future Review by Ammar Akhtar

Back To The Future stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. It's directed by Robert Zemeckis. Back To The Future is about Marty McFly, and how he is sent back in time after an accident caused by his mentor, Doc Brown. Marty is transported to the time when his parents were his age, and he must fix his mistakes by making his parents fall in love with each other.

Back To The Future is a timeless 80s classic that can truly fit the category it's placed in. Everything about it is so well done, and there is only one word I have to describe this film: funky.

First off, the story is great. At first when I saw that Marty was trying to pair his parents together, I wasn't sure if it was going to work. I was certainly wrong because it worked out just fine. It was a nice element to the movie that did make Marty's life better. I also loved the scene where Marty was transported back to present day with the lighting. That was one of the most intense scenes in the movie just because I was so unsure what the circumstances were going to be. Just when you think Doc is going to fail once more, the unexpected occurs and he succeeds. 

It was also very original. I don't think anything in the 1980s can relate to this. It was very creative and innovative, using time travel as something the story revolved around. Based on all the other movies created in the 1980s, nothing was quite like Back To The Future.

One thing I love about this movie is that it combines interesting science fiction with a bit of humor and laughs. This could have easily been a serious time travel epic adventure, filled with drama and action. Director Robert Zemeckis brought a bit of quirkiness and laughter into the mix and it worked. It has very interesting concepts with the whole time travel situation, and the humor helped make it a unique sci-fi film that it's known for today. This element can relate to my other point of it's originality as mentioned above

Overall, this is an excellent movie. It has a very interesting story, which has a very intense scene with the lightning towards the end. This was also a different take on science fiction, adding a bit of humor into it. This film is definitely groovy and funky with it's 80s swag, and really cool with the iconic time machine delorean and flux capacitor. For it's time, this movie was very original and can be seen as a pioneer for a lot of movies we've grown to love today.

"1.21 GIGAWATTS?!?!?!"-Doc Brown.

MY SCORE: 10/10