The Shining Review by Jake Kelly

Although not many people like old movie, perhaps because of the quality, The Shining is definitely a must see for every one. This classic movie is about a frustrated writer called Jack Torrance who takes his family to a scenic hotel called the Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. It is already given that Jack has mental problems, as he broke his sons hand for dropping papers, however whilst at the hotel Jack goes crazy and tries to kill his wife and child. 

The movie stars Jack Nicholson, a personal favorite of man, Shelly Duvall, and Danny Lloyd. This movie, although there are not many jump scares and there is not much gore, is definitely a horror film. The way the director, Stanley Kubrick, and the actors gradually intensify the mood as the days go bye, really adds up to an immense overload of terror.  

The actors in the movie did a great job playing their roles. First and foremost, Jack Nicholson. The role of the domestic, violent killer was right op Nicholson's alley. Jack has always been able to play lots off different types of roles and really put himself into the character, which I felt he really did well in the movie. He also played the different states of tension and mood throughout the movie extremely well. He was somewhat kind and lighthearted in the beginning and was madder and madder throughout the movie which is hard to do, especially as fine tuned and gradual as he did it. 

When I first heard that Shelly Duvall as in the movie, I was a bit skeptic, as I felt she would be all screams and tears, but no believable acting, but I was wrong. Shelly played a very heartfelt, deep performance and also put herself in to the role very well. 

As for Danny Lloyd, I expected little from him, as he was only a child. Don't get me wrong, child actors can be good, but this was one of his first movie, but, once again, I was wrong. I was blown away by Danny's performance in the movie. It was just as good as Shelly's if not better! He made his character believable and certainly made me feel his anguish and pain.

So, what would I rate this? 9.5/10, if not, more!