The Clockwork Orange Review by Lynus

I was SHOCKED! Never seen anything quite like this before! ‘The Clockwork Orange’ is a British comedy/tragedy, full of quirks and idiosyncrasies. I’d say you should be over 18 to watch this, as it’s fairly on the R rated side (nude: check, violence: check; kinky intercourse: check; forced fornication: check, crazy suicidal teenagers: double check!). In the first 1/3 of this movie, most scenes are particularly cruder than almost anything that could be allowed on screen. NONETHELESS, I must say that the rudeness of these scenes are well accounted for, as they ultimately serve a noble purpose of highlighting the hidden meaning of the story.

As raw and raunchy ‘The Clockwork Orange’ appears, the movie actually holds – and effectively delivers – a deep lesson beyond its superficial surface. It serves almost as an ugly parody for real life, showing ordinary humans with all their animalistic flaws, and as victims of their own circumstances. This movie revolves around the life of a troubled teenager named  Alex, who – with a little ‘help’ from his partners in crime – is held entirely responsible for a murder charge and sent to a delinquent camp for fourteen years. With a sincere hope to rehabilitate and pick up his life where it’s left off, Alex decides to volunteer to be the lab rat for a new reforming treatment, which promises him the life of a free man in just a matter of months. ‘The Clockwork Orange’ is basically divided into 3 parts: prior to, during, and after the treatment. The plot is very eccentric; in fact, this movie is actually based upon a utopian novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess (I suppose this could turn out to be quite a good read as well. I wonder if there’s any movie version of ‘1984’?).

Anyhow, if you wouldn’t mind the vulgar aspects of this movie, I do highly recommend it – simply because not only does it cater extremely well-delivered moral messages concerning the themes of redemption, retribution and hypocrisy – but it also has very unique quirks that are most certainly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The complexity of the main character is downright impeccable. ‘The Clockwork Orange’ is definitely a utopian nightmare coming horrifically true.


Score: 8/10 if you’re over 18.

6/10 if you’re not (honestly, it’s not for everyone; a certain level of maturity is necessary for your best experience).