The Silence of the Lambs Review by Lynus

To my utmost wimpy honesty, I have never been a huge fan of horror movies (this mere shocker from a coffee ad used to scare me senseless However, I have heard so much reference about “The Silence of The Lambs” that my curiosity got the better of me. I had peaked at the little piece of description before watching this movie, and was intrigued to know that it also has a bit of a detective aura: “The Silence of The Lamb” revolves around the adventure of an FBI intern Clarice Starling, who sets out to contain the cannibal who has eaten, skinned and captured many poor unfortunate souls (and bodies). Now if I thought this movie was average, I’d spill one or two more beans – but I won’t, and below are three reasons why.

Intensity: The plot twist at the climax of the movie is breathtaking. “The Silence of The Lamb” has really been an inspiration to many contemporary horror movies.

Graphics: From the perspective of a whimpering little sissy, I thought this movie was quite bearable. Surely there are some gory close-ups (as in – the classic head-in-a-jar, slit body, rotten insects, bitten-off faces, etc), but they are not too gruesome to look at; plus, they only last for a flicker, so it should be ok for most whimpering hearts out there.

Morals: This movie gives us an insight into the psychotic minds. It questions to what extent human behaviours are influenced by one’s intrinsic mentality/physicality, by one’s living environment, or by free will. Also, it has a happy scary ending (I’ll leave it to you to figure out what I mean *wink).

Overall, “The Silence of The Lamb” is a beautiful horror classic. You’ll come across many features of today’s horror movies that are probably inspired by this one. Also, given that it’s usually used as a point of reference, watching this movie can serve practical purposes as well – as in, you may be able to use some of its details to compare with those in other literary works in your English class, for instance. Silencing two lambs with one stone!

Score: 7/10 (as I said, I’m not very fond of horror movies, but I can see horrophiles (look I just coined a word!) really appreciating this. By the way, there’s no lamb in the movie. Probably just a mention of ‘lamb’, once or twice. Which makes sense though – I supposed. The lamb’s silenced after all.