12 Angry Men Review by Ammar Akhtar

12 Angry Men is a Sidney Lumet directed film with lead star Henry Fonda. The plot is about 12 jury's discussing a case on a hot, sunny day. The case is on a young boy who killed his father. Out of the 12, 11 say guilty and 1 says not guilty. Throughout the film, we find out more on why this one man says the boy is innocent.

Back in the 8th grade, we were all called in to one of our teacher's rooms to watch a film. He told us it was based on the american history and a bunch of other junk I can't remember. All I do remember from that part of my life was this beautiful, well-directed and acted movie.

I love this movie. I recently bought the criterion collection blu-ray edition and watched it. Not only was it visually stunning, but I got to watch this again! This film is fantastic. All of the actors do an outstanding job. The lead man, played by Henry Fonda was amazing. What makes the film different from others in it's time was that we never knew the names of any of these men. These men don't even know each other, and they each acted like it was a political war ground. This element that director Sidney Lumet added was absolute brilliance.

Now even though this film may seem like it's amazing, it's not for everyone. If your someone who likes action at every corner, then unfortunately this is not the type of film for you. The movie develops it's characters with dialogue. The dialogue is another brilliant element to the film. All the characters have something very special about them that we hear through the words they say and their tone. It's genius! If you like great suspense or action, you won't find it hear. It's purely a dialogue and character-driven film.

Even the plot itself is outstanding. It's seems like a simple plot about anger and fighting, but it's much more than that. Towards the end, it has a lot of heartfelt emotions that's all based on this one case. At first, the case means nothing to these 12 men, but towards the end it suddenly means everything to them. The way Lumet portrayed this was a touch of brilliance. 

Overall, you will not go wrong with this film. You need to be patient with it. Don't expect any action, but expect an intelligent plot, characters and script. These are the three aspects to a film that is done so well in the film. You can buy the special criterion collection blu ray version.  The poster on it looks great!

MY SCORE: 10/10

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