'Ted 2' Review by Daghan Dalgic

Seth MacFarlane is back with a sequel to the 2011 surprise hit 'Ted'. John played by Mark Wahlberg has a childhood wish magically come to reality and his teddy bear is becomes alive. After both have grown old, Ted meets the love of his life but they can't get married because he is technically not a human under state law. So, John and Ted hilariously fight for Ted's rights with a young lawyer played by Amanda Seyfried.

The first 'Ted' was greatly enjoyed by a lot of people. Sadly, I wasn't one of them. Its entire comedy was based around profanity and very badly-timed poo jokes. That brand of humour gets a laugh in a 'Family Guy' bit, but when it's a 90 minute movie, we have a problem. However, 'Ted 2' widened it's comedy horizons. They used visuals, movements and songs to achieve comedy. It is safe to say that 'Ted 2' was a lot funnier than the first. It's not just a stoner comedy anymore.

The problem critics have with 'Ted 2' is that it is painfully predictable. Are they right? Yes. Whenever a new character or problem is introduced, anyone that has seen at least 5 movies can predict which direction the story is headed. Sometimes throughout the movie, something solely mishappens for the sake of having a funny skit. Will you be okay with it? Absolutely! It doesn't have 'Movie 43' type sketches. Some of the funniest moments in the film are in these moments. 

Just because there are new types of comedy integrated to 'Ted 2', do not expect this to be the next 'Airplane'. There are a lot of offensive jokes that might hurt some people, but it is in good taste and handled a lot better than the first movie.

In terms of the acting, Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried really complemented each other and they had very good chemistry. Morgan Freeman has a small role in this movie and they have completely wasted him. His role could have been played by anybody and he didn't have any humorous parts. Furthermore, there are many celebrity cameos that are very fun throughout. 

Mila Kunis wasn't in this movie because of scheduling conflicts but they have very successfully tied the movies together. The break up they were talking about between Mila Kunis' character and Mark Wahlberg's was very believable and well set up. And, the new female lead is a lot funnier and no longer only a plot device, but also a bringer of a lot of good laughs. The romantic scenes do not slow down the pace one bit. 

Overall, 'Ted 2' is not a brainless comedy sequel but a comedy-packed adventure that took a franchise into new places. It has offensive parts, as well as a lot of golden parts. Seth MacFarlane is somewhat being forgiven for 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'. It is a lot better than the first movie and worth a watch if you are looking for a good time.

Score: 6.5/10