'Spotlight' Review by Ammar Akhtar

'Spotlight' stars Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, and Live Schreiber.' It's about a group of journalists who conduct research on a Roman Catholic Church group that molested children in 2001. 

'Spotlight' does a wonderful job at showing the horrendous act that occurred in 2001, and the way it was executed was brilliant as well. With stellar performances and a strong story, it doesn't disappoint.

I think 'Spotlight' could've gone in so many directions, but I liked the way they executed it in this movie with the usage of the journalists. I wouldn't necessarily say this a film that focuses on the tragedy it revolves around, but focuses more on these writers attempting to find some sort of story in all this. This is their job and what they do, so attempting to create a story based on the evidence found is the main goal, and I saw that perfectly. The film does a very good job at displaying the purpose behind creating this story, but also shows the toll it has on our characters. As the film progresses, I saw that each character was affected by their findings, and I thought that was great to see onscreen. As a whole, the usage of the journalists was a great choice.

Another aspect I loved about 'Spotlight' was the performances. In my opinion, no one overacted and it all felt very natural. I've been seeing that very frequently now in movies that have come out this year. An actors goal should be to accurately portray what would happen in reality, and I think the cast in this film definitely did that. Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, and Rachel McAdams were all fantastic in the film, and they really portrayed these characters justice.

Let's delve more into the story. This movie definitely is slow-paced, but it worked for the film. In my opinion, I think it built up more and more until it reached to a shocking finale. It wasn't until the very end of the movie when the impact truly hit me. The movie definitely takes its time developing the story, and it becomes more and more disturbing, which I thought was a great choice.

Now this is a historical movie, meaning it's one of those films in which it examines events in history that happened in real life. While there aren't any problems with that at all, personally I don't really see myself watching them ever again. 'Spotlight' does go a different direction with focusing more on the journalistic standpoint, but I still don't see myself watching it again. It's great for a one time viewing, but not something I'd play again.

Overall, I liked 'Spotlight'. It's not trying to be an exciting movie or a fun blockbuster. It's telling a story of these writers closely examining this story. They're researching and finding evidence that proves this Church did horrible and tragic acts on children. It progressively became much more interesting as the movie went along, and it gives the final blow at the very end of the movie. Everyone gave a performance that was real and didn't overdo it at all, which I loved. In conclusion, if you've seen 'The Force Awakens' 4 or 5 times now, give 'Spotlight' a shot!

MY SCORE: 8.5/10