Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb Review by Daghan Dalgic

'Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb' directed by Shawn Levy stars Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Dan Stevens. It is about the witty security guard who is in charge of a museum where the artefacts come alive at night. But the magic making this happen is disappearing so he must find a solution. I have to tell you the artefacts aren't the only things that lost their magic. 

When you enter the cinema to watch a movie of the 'Night at the Museum' series, you aren't expecting a masterpiece landmark in the history of cinema. You are expecting dumb but fun jokes along with some nice CGI and costumes. Well, you got one of those in this movie. The CGI and the costumes of the artefacts are incredible; there isn't one scene that takes you out of the experience.

However, the jokes were all repetitive and excruciatingly long. Even though this is very clearly a kids movie, I never felt that in the first two movies. This movie fails the exhibit jokes for all audiences and all the jokes that you have seen in the trailer are the only funny parts of the movie.

Surprisingly Ben Stiller wasn't very funny, especially in his second role as a dumb caveman. I didn't enjoy a single bit of it but the kid next to me was having fun, which is something. There is also a bittersweet goodbye to Robin Williams that doesn't fail to get you emotional. I think Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan's roles as the miniature figures are the only real gems of the movie. They have great chemistry and steal every scene they are in.

Overall, this is a dumb but at the end of the day a fun movie for the whole family. It is nothing compared to the first two movies. The main reason I watched it was to see Robin Williams in action again.