John Wick Review by Daghan Dalgic

He's bringing action back

The Expendables don't know how to act 

John Wick has something special behind his back

Jack Ryan, you better pick up the slack

Take it to the review 

'John Wick' is the good-old action movie that we all have been waiting for. Besides the superhero movies, the action movies have been really weak in the past few years. 'The Expendables', 'Jack Ryan', 'Robocop' and 'Last Stand' should tell you something. 'John Wick' does not have a cast as large as 'The Expendables' or large explosions but it's one of the funnest movies of the year. 

It is about an ex-hitman (Keanu Reeves) who is described as "the guy you send to kill the boogeyman" He has recently lost his wife and the only things that he cares about are his dog and his car. And then. Russian Theon Greyjoy shows up out of nowhere and takes it from him.  So he goes on a revenge spree. 

Keanu Reeves executes his role brilliantly. In fact, this may be his best performance. He really makes the audience feel for him. Hmm, upgrades. He is the perfect actor for this role. 

As you may have guessed, the story is a classic revenge story but it is executed perfectly. The shots are visually stunning for an action movie and it's organised very well. For example, the skill of using flashbacks is getting old but the flashbacks work. The movie constantly uses intercuts between two scenes which I found to be very successful. 

There is basically one thing that I wish the movie could have provided. John Wick is a little bit rusty because of his retirement so he is a little bit vulnerable. When the Russian mobs find out that John Wick is coming after them, they start telling all these stories of his prime days and I as the viewer would have at least liked to see one of those stories. 

This movie is a very well executed fun action movie. The close-up action scenes are totally badass and it is definitely worth a watch. The perfect action movie.

Overall Score: 8/10