'Inside Out' Review by Ammar Akhtar

Inside Out is directed by Pete Doctor and stars the voices of Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Lewis Black. 'Inside Out' captures the mind inside a young girl named Riley. She has 5 different emotions (Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness) that control her brain and create all the memories she has. As a conflict approaches that brings two emotions together, it's up to them to fix it before it negatively effects Riley.

I'm so glad to tell you all that 'Inside Out' is an emotionally powerful film filled with both adventure and sadness. Pixar has been struggling to create their next big hit because they've raised the bar so high that it's become hard for them to actually reach it. However, 'Inside Out' knocked out all expectations with it's brilliant and creative story. 

I've heard great things about 'Inside Out', but I haven't really heard anyone talk about it's originality. I've been noticing that most movies nowadays are usually sequels or reboots, which is really getting on my nerves because it shows the struggle Hollywood is having with original content. Movies that appear to be something fresh are great, but usually aren't financially successful, causing conflicts with the studios that invested in them. However, this movie stands out because it's got Pixar slapped on it. This studio usually rakes in a ton of cash at the box office,  so they can usually bring in a lot of bucks with their original content. I haven't really seen anything quite like 'Inside Out' due to it's genius story. Along with that, the overall setting they're in was executed so well as they include many things that go on in the mind (ex: dreams, addicting songs that are really annoying) in a way that works. Overall, really great idea!

I can guarantee that you will at least be heart-broken in a couple scenes because some moments were just really sad. It reminded me of the end of 'Toy Story 3'. That ending was the closest I've ever been to crying in a movie, and I had the exact same feeling in this movie as well. I never usually become sad because I'm not usually moved by movies that often. Although I have a deep love for them, I'm not one who cries. However, I was literally on the brink from a tear coming out of my eye! This movie sets up some of the greatest emotional scenes that I've seen in all of Pixars movies. 

In the trailers, they show the main characters that we follow along in the movie. They're Anger, Fear, Disgust, Joy, and Sadness. For the most part, we're usually alongside Joy and Sadness for the ride because something happens that forces them to work with each other (I'm trying not to spoil this plot point). Before they actually start their journey, the film sets up a hatred for one another. Joy really wants Riley to have a great time 24/7, but Sadness usually gets in the way of her plans. So having the polar opposites working together was really great to see because as we see them together, I think we learned something about the two that we wouldn't really expect from them based on the type of character they are. 

I grew up watching all the Pixar movies. From Toy Story to Ratatouille, this studio has produced films that I've enjoyed all my life. However, I think they were slipping a bit with 'Cars 2', 'Brave', and even 'Monsters University'. They all have problems of their own, but a major one that they all share is that they just didn't capture the magic and emotion that the old movies brought. But it really brings a lot of joy to my heart to tell you all that they've returned to bring something fresh along with that old magic. Pixar raised the bar even higher with this film that will be hard for others to reach.

As a whole, 'Inside Out' was a great ride FULL of twists and turns. At points you will feel joyful, but others you will be balling in tears (or if you're a man, you will be doing it in your head). This movie depicts growing up so well and I applaud Pixar for doing such an excellent job with this. I really loved 'Inside Out', and if you have children of your own, please take them to this movie. They will enjoy it, but I think they might even learn a lesson about life as well!

MY SCORE: 10/10