Fury Review by Daghan Dalgic

Fury takes place during WW2 and it is about a new recruit soldier called Norman (Logan Lerman) joining a tank squad full of people affected by the war.  

This movie is definitely not a patriotic or glorious movie. It very successfully shows the horrors of war and the effects people have on each other. When it comes to reviewing a well-made movie like Fury, I can only talk about things that could have been added rather than what I did not like. 

This movie is definitely Logan Lerman's best performance by far, however it still isn't enough. You root for his character but because the movie was written to be that way and the rest of the characters are jerks. If a better actor was chosen, I think his character could have been taken much further and brought tears to the viewer's eyes.  The rest of the crew did a solid job. Brad Pitt was great, he may get an Oscar nomination. And, I have to give credit to Shia LaBoeuf. I never would have thought he would have a comeback. He nailed the role and wasn't annoying at all. Hats off. 

The movie was not shy at all with gore. There are many cringe worthy death scenes that used practical effects rather than CGI, which I always appreciate. Most of the sequences are very heavy and they will stick by you after you leave. 

[Mild Spoilers In The Next Paragraph]

The one thing that I really disliked about the movie was the ending. For me, the movie explores the effects the war and the crew has on the main character however, we do not see what that does to the main character. After the final battle is over, he just heads home. We don't see how the war changed his life. 

Overall, this is a heavy war movie that is solid throughout. It has incredible dialogue and it's worth a watch. 

Score: 8/10