Furious 7 Review by Daghan Dalgic

'Furious 7' opens with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) swearing vengeance for the people that injured his brother Evan Shaw (Luke Evans), in the last movie  As the camera dollies out we see the amount of damage Deckard Shaw did to see his brother. Then, there is a very impressive sequence where we follow him as he gets out of the hospital and we see piles of dead bodies on the floor and wrecked rooms. The whole scene is fast forwarded and slowed down in different parts according to the song playing. I walked into this movie not expecting much but, when it opened with this incredible prologue and a badass introduction of a villain, I was impressed. It's a shame, that I did not feel the same way in the rest of the movie. 

When you walk into a 'Fast and Furious' movie, you are expecting a movie that is dumb and full of action, that you can munch popcorn watching and turn your brain off for a few hours. Therefore, it needs to be reviewed on what it is and how successful it turned out. During the production, there was the tragic passing away of Paul Walker, that was unexpected and deeply saddening.It is very painfully obvious, when it is CGI Paul Walker, but I respect how the filmmakers gave him a very gracious send off and did everything they could to finish the movie. As a critic, it is hard to honestly review a movie, with a heartbreaking incident that occurred during the production, but I will be honest and analyse it like any other movie. 

In 'Furious 7', Deckard Shaw is hunting down the crew for revenge. The crew, (or should I say "family", since that's what Vin Diesel says more than anything in the movie,) must first find a program for the government, before the government tells them how to find Shaw, even though he is coming after them. The movie, honestly felt like it was following two different story lines, which got a little bit confusing. 

The choice of Jason Statham as a villain was great. He stole every scene he was in. As for the family, everyone was exactly like how they were in the other movies. The Rock had a very brief appearance in the beginning and end. He was honestly what gave the series the steroids it needed in the fifth movie and it was very disappointing to see him in very little screen time. Speaking of disappointments, there was an addition of Kurt Russel in the cast. I am a fan of him, but in this movie, he was very embarrassing. He acted like post crazy Mel Gibson. He constantly made sarcastic and wise remarks, that made situations less interesting and took away from the excitement of the film. 

There are components in the film that are way too similar to 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol'. A large portion is set in the middle east. It has a tempered lead and a foreign villain that pops up everywhere. If only it was executed as good as 'Ghost Protocol'. 

James Wan has previously directed 'The Conjuring' and 'Insidious', which were both fairly successful movies. This made me interested in his take for this franchise. His execution of the car chases were alright, but he chose to do the common technique of fast and unnecessary cutting for the fighting scenes. After a while, they felt like jump cuts rather than seamless editing. This personally tired my eyes and made it hard to follow. In one of the fights, I think the director made Vin Diesel wear a bright white shirt because of this. 

Overall, 'Furious 7' dragged on for way too long and it was very poorly organised and written. It was a nice farewell to Paul Walker, but it wasn't the dumb popcorn action movie that you expect. 

Score: 5/10