'Deadpool' Review by Ammar Akhtar

WARNING: This review may contain some spoilers of 'Deadpool'

We're now in 2016, and over the past few years we've been splattered with SO MANY superhero movies that it's becoming a bit repetitive. Some great examples are movies in the MCU, mainly after the first 'Avengers' as that's when the movies became similar. It's very rare we get different superhero movies like 'Spiderman 2' or 'The Dark Knight'. Thankfully, 'Deadpool' is one of the best superhero movies to come out in recent years as it offers something entirely new to the genre: a more explicit take on a superhero.

I thought 'Deadpool' was extremely entertaining as it had great action, but what really got me was the screenplay. This is a very well written script as it has some great jokes. This movie realizes that Deadpool has not been given the best treatment in the past ('X-Men Origins: Wolverine'), and it addresses that in a comedic way. Along with that, the movie makes fun of the fact that it only has enough money to have 2 X-Men characters and Ryan Reynolds' (who plays Deadpool) acting career. It's such a cleverly written movie because it's so meta and understands that it's another superhero movie.

The action in the movie was brilliant as it had extremely violent action sequences due to the R rating. There was TONS of blood, and I enjoyed every second of it. One scene includes Deadpool chopping of a man's head and kicking it like a soccer ball! The filmmakers were definitely not holding back, and I applaud them for doing that. The movie would not have worked if they toned down the violence because that's simply not in the nature of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. However, I liked how they found a way to give reasoning behind Deadpool's violent nature. Due to Francis' destroying Wilson's life, he wanted to kill him from the start. However, Colossus wanted to stop him from doing that as he explained the importance of sparing a villain. I loved what they did with this storyline as it shows that Deadpool isn't an average superhero, but a cruel, violent anti-hero who really doesn't care much about who lives or dies. He set a goal to kill Francis, and achieved it. 

I was very worried about the love story as this is where it can get a bit cheesy, but thankfully this storyline is equally as funny as the entire movie. I liked how Wade's love interest Vanessa wasn't a regular woman obsessed with love, but a stripper! That may sound absurd, but it's just so different. We usually see the man save the girl, and although we see that in this movie as well, the way they meet is so unordinary and could be very realistic if it were to ever happen. Getting a romance right is very hard because it's usually the same cliche story over and over again, but I was impressed with the way 'Deadpool' handled it. 

It's also quite hard to make a compelling villain in a superhero movie, but I think the movie also delivered with this as well. Ajax was definitely better than most of the MCU villains, but I definitely don't think he's a memorable one either. In my opinion, he stands in between where he's not an incredibly weak villain, but works for the sake of the plot. The way he was portrayed in Wilson's origin story was menacing and evil, and the movie did build him up to be a major threat to Deadpool. 

'Deadpool' is a very simple revenge story, but also a nonconventional superhero movie. It takes risks with it's hard R rating, going balls to the walls crazy with flying heads and tons of blood. Everything worked for this movie, and I left very surprised they managed to pull of the character Deadpool that well. I can't wait to see more of this guy because he is so awesome!

MY SCORE: 9.5/10

P.S.: This movie has:

a. One of the best Stan Lee cameos ever.

b. One of the best end credits scenes ever.