'Captain America: Civil War' Review

Civil War takes chances by stepping out of the average superhero formula Marvel has managed to create. It’s not absurdly funny, colorful and fantastic, but is much darker and serious with the moral dilemma that’s formed between the superheroes. Not only that, but it also has some excellent, well choreographed action sequences that are stunning. All while doing this, the film manages to balance so many characters in one movie by giving them equal amount of screen time.

The biggest compliment I can give is that it manages to balance so many characters and give them equal amounts of screen time. There are two new superheroes who are great additions and don’t feel forced. The first one is Black Panther. He had a purpose to be in the movie since his father died. He wanted revenge for the murderer, who everyone believed to be the Winter Soldier. For this reason, he was on Iron Man’s side. This was a GREAT character. He had some great action scenes when he fought in the airport scene and against Bucky. Not only that, but he also looked very cool as well. His whole costume design was really well made and reminded me a lot of what Batman looked like in the Dark Knight trilogy, another great costume. However, probably the best new character was by far Spider-Man! It’s very obvious Marvel is trying to go in their own direction with the character, not really following in the footsteps of Maguire or Garfield, which is great. This new Spider-Man offered us a new perspective on the character by honoring the original comics. His costume was very similar to the original one and was also very funny, as he was in the comics. Along with that, he’s an actual teenager! Spider-Man was always meant to be a young kid, and Marvel captured that perfectly by casting Tom Holland. Although he’s not in it for very long, it was still very cool to see this new take on Spider-Man. I’m excited to see the new story in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.

Another area where ‘Civil War’ shines is the action sequences. All of them were very well executed with the intense moments and extreme stunt choreography. There was one action scene in particular which many have hailed as the best superhero battle ever: The airport scene. This was incredible to witness! This was extremely entertaining to watch since this was the superhero vs. superhero battle we paid for. Each person had an equal amount to shine in this scene, and along with that the action was very well handled. I’d say the best part about this scene is definitley Ant-Man. He’s not in the movie for very long and is really there for support in the battle similar to Spider-Man, but when he grew into the Giant Man, that was just awesome. I wasn’t sure if they were going to do that since he didn’t do it in his own movie, but nevertheless it was so cool. I enjoyed it when he grabbed War Machine and played with him like a toy! As a whole, the airport scene is what most people have been talking about, but I also believe that the final duel between Iron Man and Captain America was very entertaining as well. Emotionally and physically, there’s a lot going on. We can really see the rage in Tony Stark since he just found out the Winter Soldier killed his parents, and I thought this dark plot point is what drove the entire scene. This was all incredibly dark, which I loved to see. No quips or funny moments, it’s simply a fight between friends who are now enemies. Overall, both of these action scenes were spectacular, along with the other ones as well.

Another part of ‘Civil War’ that is handled very well is the story. The basic storyline is that the government wants to control superhero’s as they’ve caused so much damage in numerous cities. The way the story unfolds is great as it creates two opposing sides. One is against it and the other is for it, and it forces the audience to take a stand for themselves. At points, you may agree with Captain America, but in other instances you’ll agree with Tony Stark, but the film never really favors one side over the other. It has a very neutral stance, causing the audience to decide for themselves who they agree with. Along with this, they also manage to give every superhero some sort of story arc, regardless of how long they are in the movie. All the characters don’t ever feel forced because they flow into the entire story very well. The Russo’s did an incredible job with this part of the movie, and I’m confident that they are perfect for ‘Infinity War’.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is an incredible superhero movie that has made a mark in the genre. Similar to ‘Deadpool’, I think this movie offered something new and fresh that we hadn’t seen before, which is a political and physical battle against allies. Not only that, but I think it’s one of the best MCU movies because it’s not as light hearted than the other movies and has a similar tone to ‘The Winter Soldier’. Everything about this movie works out incredibly well, and I was very impressed with how they were able to include so many characters and storylines into this massive movie.

MY SCORE: 9/10