'Ant-Man' Review by Ammar Akhtar


Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Michael Peña and Michael Douglas. Ant-Man is about a man named Scott Lang. He had a rough time in the world due to the crimes he's done, and he struggles to care for his daughter due to these things. But, he's given the opportunity to prove that he can be a hero with the help of Hank Pym. Together, they must stop an evil business man that has technology that can destroy the human race.

At this point, Marvel can't mess up anything. If they were to put a cow in a dog costume, they could make it into a slick action flick. All jokes aside, Marvel once again has created an excellent movie. 

There's a lot to enjoy in 'Ant-Man'. For example, the action scenes were AMAZING. A superhero who's power is to shrink down may seem pretty dumb, but it worked! I found them very enjoyable, especially the final battle. I also really liked the characters a lot as well. When I saw the trailers for the movie, I was concerned that the whole story between Scott and his daughter wouldn't work, but it actually added a lot more to his character and it becomes very significant throughout the movie. I also really liked Hank Pam in the movie. If you're a comic book nerd, you'd know that Pym was the real Ant-Man, but he's much older in this movie. He's now a mentor to Scott and it worked very well. Evangeline Lilly's character Hope Van Dyne was also had a significant connection to Pym that added a lot more depth to both of them. Overall, MOST of the characters worked very well.

All the actors did a fantastic job. I was very worried that Paul Rudd wouldn't work for this movie, but thankfully he exceeded my expectations. I thought he was a perfect choice and his performance was great. But by far Michael Douglas stole the show for me. He was the best choice and he certainly stood out from the others. He worked as the mentor of Scott, and as a father to Hope. Speaking of her, Evangeline Lilly was also great. Her performance was good and she did a tremendous job at her character. Overall, there were some excellent performances given by talented actors.

One of my issues with this movie is one that Marvel has a tough time doing: creating compelling villains. Sure Loki is good, but he's the only one. No one really is very memorable compared to Loki. The Yellowjacket is certainly a workable villain, but there's nothing that's unique about him. Marvel really needs to learn how to make their bad guys more menacing because they don't really do a good job at that.

Now don't get me wrong, 'Ant-Man' is a very enjoyable movie, but I wouldn't say it's Marvels best. I can name plenty of other films they've made that are much better than 'Ant-Man' ('Iron Man', 'Winter Soldier', 'GOTG'). Again, that's not saying that I hated the movie, but it's not really comparable to the other movies. 

Overall, 'Ant-Man' is a fun movie with both heart and action. It had some fantastic characters portrayed by some talented actors. It doesn't have a strong villain, and it's certainly not Marvels best film, but you'll still have fun at the movies.

MY SCORE: 7/10