Guardians of the Galaxy Review by Ammar Akhtar

Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, John C. Reilly, Lee Pace and Glenn Close along with the voices of Vin Diesel as Groot and Bradley Cooper as Rocket. The film is directed by James Gunn. IMDb synopsis: Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser.


    I loved this film from beginning to end. It starts with a bang, with a teary scene including a young Peter. We then see him much older, jammin’ it out to an 80s song. I loved those scenes, but there were plenty of other things I loved about this movie as well.

    The characters are great. Chris Pratt plays Star Lord and he was a great choice. He’s a funny character who made me laugh a lot. The other members of the team were great as well. One of my favorites was Groot, played by Vin Diesel. He is a man of few words and vocabulary. All he says is “I am Groot”, but every time he says it is cool and kind of cute. He is a gentle giant, similar to Chewbacca. Gamora was also great in the movie, who is played by Zoe Saldana. Her history was interesting because it is connected to the villains in the film. Drax, who is played by Dave Bautista, is good in the movie. He was the one character who I enjoyed the least, mainly because his connection to the villain isn’t really that interesting, but Bautista managed to pull off the character really well.

    There was one more character in the group who needs a separate paragraph because he was frickin’ awesome: Rocket Raccoon. He had a show-stealer performance. He was a lot like Han Solo because both were grumpy criminals who threw a few jokes here and there. That and they both have sidekicks who are also similar! Also, excellent voicing by Bradley Cooper. His voice was just the right tone and emotion that Rocket needed. He was probably my favorite character in the movie.

    Something else that made the movie really great was the soundtrack. I’m not talking about the score, but the mixtape that Quill has.The songs that play are 80s and 70s music, which makes the movie ten times more awesome. They play at the right moment at the right time.  I’d go even farther as to buying it on iTunes. The music was just joy to my ears. It was really amazing.

    Even though this movie is really awesome and epic, I had one main issue with it:

        -The villain was not very strong. He was really cliche, which was not the case with our heroes. They were all very hilarious, but the villain was just straight up serious all the time. Also, he was always using big words in a way which I did not really like. Another problem with the villain is that there is someone else who overshadows him. He too is a villain that most likely will be further develop in the Marvel universe, but he had a few scenes in the movie. Therefore, the villain connected in the story was more of a puppet. I did not like how this was and would have liked to see something different with the character.

    Overall, a great sci-fi adventure flick sure to keep you entertained. For those of you born in the 1970s-80s, be prepared for some memories to be brought back. Due to the whole villain problem, my score is not a perfect one, but you will still leave the theater being fully entertained. Seeing the formation of this group is really cool to see on the big screen. I can say that this is one of my favorite movies that has come out all year.

MY SCORE: 8.5/10