Step Up All In Review by Lynus

When I heard ‘Step Up’ was releasing a fifth movie, I had my doubts. Surely, when it comes to sequels, they tend not to be as good as the original – at least from my experience with ‘Spiderman’ (and with the ‘Doctor Who’ series around season 6 when they almost ran out of ideas and got immersed into a sea of wacky details!).

Anyhow, I’d say that this trend doesn’t apply in the new Step Up movie, when it comes to both the PLOT and the DANCE:

1. PLOT: The plot of ‘Step Up: All in’ is very original. I’m a huge advocate of plot twists and what the movie has to offer is quite satisfactory. I love that it also touches on some sensitive, controversial social issues; the themes of love, passion, friendship and justice are all woven very nicely into this movie as well. Plus, the characters represent their styles beautifully. They are – as usual – culturally diverse and all have very distinct, bold personalities.

2. DANCE: The Step Up series is famous for incorporating many genres of dance, and ‘Step Up: All In’ is no exception. This is great as it makes dancing relatable to a wide variety of dance lovers. In other words, ‘Step Up: All In’ will make most people very itchy twitchy; it will make us want to dance VERY badly. (I personally found it rather hard to refrain myself from squiggling and squirming in the little leather cinema seat, oh silly me!).

ONE DRAWBACK, though, is that even though all the dancing were great, none of them were quite unique or phenomenal (nowhere near this epic water dancing [!]: What’s more, the music is – at least to me – unmemorable, nor is there any truly dope beat to get stuck in your mind on the way home.

Bottom line, I think the plot of ‘Step Up: All in’ is simple, original, believable – thanks to many interesting realistic streaks – and most importantly, inspirational. The dancing here, I supposed, has more or less shown creativity. Although – was it enough to surpass the high standards set out in the previous Step Up movies? I could hardly agree.

Score: 6/10