The Giver Review by Ammar Akhtar

The Giver stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. It is directed by Phillip Noyce. The Giver is about a world with perfection. There is no war, pain or suffering. In this world, there is a boy named Jonas (Thwaites) who is selected to be the receiver. This is a person who receives memory from the giver, who is played by Jeff Bridges. In these memories, Jonas learns true pain and suffering from the world before his.


    Apparently, Jeff Bridges wanted to make this film for 20 years. He even wanted his father to play the giver. Now that the film has finally been made, does it deliver? Umm, not really.

    There were some big issues I had with the film, and one of them was the actors. I thought that Streep and Bridges did a good job. Both of them rarely disappoint. However, the kid actors were pretty bland. The character, Jonas, who was played by Thwaites did not acted well. The way he reacted to the memories were not really believable and stale. Jona has two friends in the film, and their acting was not great. I think it was because they portray no emotions. All of them are supposed to be perfect, so they act like robots. The way they acted was disappointing due to this reason.

    Out of all the characters, there was one I particularly hated the most: The mother of Jonas, who is played by Katie Holmes. She was SOOOOOO ANNOYING. My god, it was as if she was an exact copy of Meryl Streep’s character. When we see her at home, she was always angry at somebody. Everytime we see her, she seemed pissed off. I really wanted to slap her every time I saw her on screen.

    The movie does slow down some points. It was mostly in the beginning and parts in the middle. They were not really appealing to me. We see a relationship between the three friends in the beginning. I thought it was kind of boring and could have been improved. Parts where the giver is giving memories to Jonas was somewhat boring as well. It was not really that interesting.

Although this may seem like it’s not worth your time, there were some interesting parts to it. I liked how it did not show color. It shows that perfection feeling that is throughout the film. As we see more and more color, Jonas’s mind becomes more developed. This was a really interesting move the director made.

    Overall, I think the story itself was interesting, but could have been done much better. The acting and its slow parts made the film bland. However, I did like the choice of not showing color. This was an interesting take on the movie. Overall, I was disappointed with the film.

Overall Score: 5.5/10