Lucy Review by Lynus

“Life was given to us a billion years ago, and now you know what to do with it.”

LUCY has a bit of everything to satisfy any cinephile. Lively graphic, dynamic action, breathtaking suspense, humour, moral, sizzling Lucy herself, YOU NAME IT! This movie takes human imagination to the next level: from time travel to shape-shift to teleport to mind control, this gem simply has it all! What’s really sophisticated is how the movie combines all these factors and tie it strongly to a scientific base in a way that makes it actually believable (unlike most sci-fi movies, which tend to be on the far-fetched side).

I’ll be frank here. When I first watched the trailer and saw Scarlett Johansson starring the main character, I assumed this movie is going to have some serious skin shown to mask an average plot. However, I have never been more wrong – I mean, yes, there was enough of “heat” to satisfy the average viewer, but that is far from being the main focus of the movie. Despite its rather simple plot – matter of fact, the trailer itself already covers almost 60 percent of storyline –, the idea behind LUCY is truly unprecedented. What’s more, the movie is nicely incorporated with bits of moral lessons concerning humans and our constant battles for power over one another – which I thought was rather nice, as it truly reflects the reality of our current society.

To vaguely outline the plot, Lucy is an ordinary girl who, out of the blue, falls prey to a tragic yet singular experience – which ultimately leads to [spoiler censored!]. As a whole, the character Lucy is depicted as a youthful confident woman whose super brain makes her all the more powerful and attractive. Also, a note to those of you who strongly supports the idea of woman empowerment, you’ll never regret watching this, pinky promise. Lucy is the only girl in the movie and boy does she totally rule!

All in all, I’d fervently recommend you to give LUCY a shot (not literally though, she’s bulletproof). This is indeed one of those movies that don’t drag on for more than they should. As a person who never fails to get bored after 2/3 of any movie, I was decently surprised that LUCY managed to keep me intrigued for the whole time. SO, if you haven’t watched LUCY, try it out; and if you have, leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Overall rating: 8/10

Reasons why LUCY did not get a 10:

  • There are a few holes in the story that I can’t tell without spoiling, but you may spot them.
  • It has an open end, but a rather abrupt one. The meaning of the story did not really shine through; its core moral did not get delve on deep enough to give a lasting impression.
  • LUCY might be quite violent for some viewers.