Expendables 3 Review by Daghan Dalgic

When someone buys a ticket to the Expendables 3, they aren't expecting Academy Award worthy acting, phenomenal writing and revolutionary cinematography. They are expecting a legit story, their childhood actors doing awesome stuff and lot of explosions. There are a few strange things about this movie that have to be mentioned. 

The movie is about Barney Ross' (Sylvester Stallone) group "The Expendables" who have to chase a guns distributor, who has done a lot of damage to the group. Then Barney decides that this is too dangerous for his crew and he would feel bad if they died, so he ultimately leaves them and gets a younger crew. Why? Because logic and morals and stuff. He would feel better if people half his age died, instead of his friends. Kids, these are your morals when you become 50. 

Acting wise, the original crew that is in every movie are exactly the same. Nothing new to talk about there. Wesley Snipes is in this one, which I personally thought was a good choice. Some interesting ideas are brought with the character but not continued. Mel Gibson was an excellent villain, much more memorable than the other villains in the previous movies. Also, Antonio Banderas is in this movie. For me, he was standing on the thin line between annoying and funny. I chuckled a few times at his character and found him alright but I would fully understand why people wouldn't find him good. 

Now, let's talk action. Having just left the cinema, there aren't any memorable scenes that I found mind-blowing and feel like I have to share. The effects such as the muzzle flashes weren't that realistic and makes me almost miss the real muzzle flashes used in the 80's, even though they weren't that safe.  

Movies are capable of being full of action, whilst having an emotional and beautiful story with a meaning behind it. Some great examples are Guardians of the Galaxy or Good Bad and Ugly. However, the audience has to occasionally turn off their brains to enjoy a movie in the cinemas, which is a very sad thing. I think a lot could have been achieved with a cast such as this one, if there were different writers and a different director. 

Overall Score: 5.5/10