The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review by Ammar Akhtar (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man is one of my favorite heroes. I loved Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies (except the third one). I did enjoy Marc Webb’s first Spider-Man movie, and I enjoyed this one as well. It is not terrible, but not excellent. This film has some flaws, and in order to discuss the big ones, I need to discuss some major spoilers. So, if you have not seen this film, you have been warned. The way I will go over the movie in the article is in list format, in which I will firstly be talking about the good then getting into its bad side.

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman/ Peter Parker

    I think Andrew Garfield was a great choice. Spider-Man is the type of guy who likes to joke around with his villains. Garfield does this justice. Also, he portrays Peter very well. He’s a smart, nerdy type of guy. With Tobey Maguire, he wasn’t really that funny, and was always so serious. Between Maguire and Garfield, I’d choose Garfield.

Jamie Foxx as Electro

    Jamie Foxx did an outstanding job with this character. His character, Max Dillon, was a nobody that no one cared for. He captured this side of him greatly. I liked how he looked as electro. The blue electricity inside of him looks sweet. Towards the end, when he’s fighting spiderman at the power plant thing looked really cool.

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourne

    DeHaan did an amazing performance as Harry. Seeing him slowly becoming desperate for the Spider blood was really well done. He also did a great job as the Green Goblin. Hearing that creepy laugh was great. I also liked the make-up on him. That was made well. Overall, he probably had one of the best performances in the movie.

The Relationship with Gwen and Peter

    I think the relationship between the two was great. The dialogue they shared was done nicely. It seems like a real relationship. Even towards the end, when we see Peter at Gwen’s grave during different seasons was a great scene. Deciding to kill off Gwen was a great choice. We really saw Spiderman fall. So many of his family members have died, and disappointing Gwen’s father by not leaving Gwen was a great choice.

Those were some of the good points of the film. Now I’m gonna start going into the flaws.


Probably the biggest flaw was rhino. Based on advertising and trailers, it seemed like he was going to be one of the main villains. However, this was not the case. He actually comes towards the end, when Harry and mysterious hat man are discussing about the sinister six. He’s the first person to join. I didn’t like how this was done. I wouldn’t actually like to see Rhino at all in the movie. I think just seeing the two discussing would have been much better. It would leave the audience hanging.


The trailers revealed WAAAYYY too much footage. In fact, they showed us THE LAST SHOT OF THE FILM. Why would they do that? I don’t understand why they needed to show us the last one. As I said before, they misadvertised the Rhino, making him seem more significant than he actually was. Cutting a lot of the footage would have made the trailers better, and the movie more enjoyable.

Peter’s Parents

I don’t think this plot point was really needed. When we find out why Richard leaves, it justs reminds us what Oscorp really is. They are the enemy. We already knew this way before the clip Peter discovered. Therefore, this was not really significant and should have been out of the film entirely.

How Peter and Gwen’s Relationship Start in the Movie

We see them together when the movie starts, but I would have liked to see them broken up at first and then back together later in the film. At the end of the first film, we saw them broken up. They should have just continued with this. Instead, it’s really confusing. They don’t know whether or not they are together or broken up. It’s confusing to the audience, and for that reason they should have been broken up and then together.

No More Spiderman

I understand why Peter would not want to be Spider-Man any more, but why have him come back in this movie? What they should have done is have him not be Spiderman and end it there. It would leave the audience hanging and question what would happen next. Seeing him immediately become Spider-Man at the end didn’t really fit to me. We didn’t see any passage of time. I know it was implied, but having him coming back in the third one would have been better since actual time has gone by.

These were some of the goods and bads of the latest Spider-Man movie. Overall, it’s not a great movie due to its major flaws, but it’s OK. I was really hoping this would be good, but I was kind of disappointed.

MY SCORE: 6/10