Best of the 'True Detective' Quartet: Actors' Migration Into TV

The much anticipated second season of 'True Detective' may have started with a whimper for fans and critics, but that's nothing new that the quartet of four leads haven't faced in their rocky career paths so far.

If last season of this moody noir anthology series was a celebration of the leading actors miraculous comebacks (Woody Harrelson hitting the mainstream with 'Zombieland' and 'Hunger Games' while Matthew McConaughey was in the midst of his McConaissance).

Then this second season is all about second chances for some underrated and undervalued actors.

At a center of this years murderous conflicts are the quartet of;

Oft maligned Colin Farrell, supposedly washed up Vince Vaughn, never been Taylor Kitsch and sadly typecast Rachel McAdams.

So what's so great about these actors and their chances with this under pressure second season?

Well for one, they're a terrific collection of different styled actors. Giving them a chance to give the Matthew-Woody dynamic a run for their money.

True Detective is now a popular entity and platform on its own, giving them that real chance to shine and in the case of Kitsch prove to the world once again.

So here's to the actors and they're best performances, just enough to convince those turned off or those not willing to give them a chance.


Taylor Kitsch as Michael P. Murphy in 'Lone Survivor'

Underrated Performance: as Bruce Niles in 'The Normal Heart'

Worst Performance: as John Carter in 'John Carter'

To be honest, Kitsch's best performance comes from TV in the classic sports drama 'Friday Night Lights', but speaking cinematically he has a few duds before you wade through the real good stuff.

His work in 'The Normal Heart' is overshadowed by the much better leading cast while the fast pace of 'Lone Survivor' means its hard to catch up with any real nuances of performance. However somehow Kitsch stands strong, giving a performance that makes worth rooting for his character in the war drama and adds a lot of tension to proceedings.

The fact that he matches the stellar Ben Foster beat for beat is no mean feat either.

Kitsch is probably best left to develop a character and enhance a performance on TV, supported by a long running narrative and 'True Detective' might just give him his next big break since his failed mainstream run in 2012.


Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey in 'Wedding Crashers'

Underrated Performance: as Wes Mantooth in 'Anchorman'

Worst Performance: as Norman Bates in 'Psycho' (1998)

Vaughn is at his best when he gets to play the oft angry, mean, laid back but charming and mouthy funny man in a comedic duo, highlighted by his brilliant turn in 'Wedding Crashers'.

His delivery and language are top notch and the chemistry between him and Owen Wilson creates fire!

Vince Vaughn's not known as a class actor and 'True Detective' hopefully provides him a chance to prove us wrong, but he has shown hints of having some great dramatic chops;

Whether it be in the tepid 'Delivery Man' or the sweet 'Break Up' or even in his raw questionable turn as Norman Bates in the 'Psycho' remake.

Of course as Grey in 'Wedding Crashers' he cleans house and is at his A-Game something that he's lost as the years have gone by. For Vince more than anyone, TD provides a chance for revival and renewal.


Rachel McAdams as Regina George in 'Mean Girls'

Underrated Performance: as Lisa Reisert in 'Red Eye'

Worst Performance: as Jessica Spencer in 'Hot Chick'

McAdams have never been able to outrun the large shadow of Regina George, it's a performance that remains etched as the epitome of a 00's classic.

Her mean spirited and cruel leader of the plastics is a role that she embodies with such perfection, it feels natural.

It's funny then that McAdams is actually considered to girl next door types to be cast with anything else. That's why maybe her career hasn't gotten the kind of boost it deserves.

I could list down around five to ten performance of this actor that deserves mention; her turns in soft works like 'The Lucky Ones' and 'The Notebook' or understated supporting turns in 'A Most Wanted Man' and 'State of Play' or her devilishly fun work in 'Sherlock Holmes'.

There's so much more but nothing still maybe beats the outright manic brilliance of Regina George.

Maybe it's just that McAdams is merely acting in her performances rather feeling so natural, that you can tend to overlook her.

True Detective's surprising first episode has already proven that McAdams is going to get a lot of meat this season to prove her magnificent chops.

PS: If you didn't gather already, I'm a huge Rachel McAdams fan!


Colin Farrell as Ray for 'In Bruges'

Underrated Performance: as Bobby Pellitt in 'Horrible Bosses'

Worst Performance: as Douglas Quaid/Karl Hausser in 'Total Recall'

If you look up underrated in the dictionary, you're bound to find a plethora of wonderful actors but not Colin Farrell...because the man is that sadly underrated.

It's a sad fact that for most of his inconsistent career Farrell has been thrust into odd leading man roles or terrible villainous performance. Like any actor deserves he just hasn't got that script that channels his talents because Farrell is one talented actor.

Critics and all have been praising his casting in 'True Detective' because there's final belief that this show will capture and present his untapped talent.

Still Farrell in his near two decade long career has given some sensational performances mixed with a collection of duds. His performances in the likes of 'Minority Report', 'The New World', 'Horrible Bosses', 'Fright Night' and 'Saving Mr. Banks' worth a watch.

He's the quintessential character actor and 'In Bruges', one of his rare terrific leading turns is overshadowed by his supporting cast but Farrell still stands tall as the straight man of this black comedy.


'True Detective' at the end is bound to be his baby and with the kind of talents the man has, one only hopes that it turns into his own Far-renaissance. Season 2 is all about redemption at least for its actors and don't put heavy expectations on it, just enjoy its brilliance.