Trailer For New Spielberg Movie 'Bridge of Spies' Starring Tom Hanks

2015. It's a great year for action movies. 'Mad Max', 'Avengers' and 'Jurassic World'... but forget about those! There is a new Spielberg movie coming! 

Spielberg has been keeping this movie under the radar very successfully, and today, we were given a trailer. The film tells the story of an American Lawyer who is hired by the CIA to help rescue an American pilot in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. 

From this short trailer, everything looks great. There is the Spielberg-esque cinematography with beautiful colors and geometric shapes. The acting looks phenomenal, as Spielberg and Hanks have brilliant chemistry together. 

There were a lot of people who were calling this movie patriotic and a sequel to 'American Sniper' because of the shots of kids crying while watching the bombings. However, since the main character is also trying to understand the Russian spy, an opposing argument can be made.

So, do you like this trailer? Do you think that this will be a Spielberg classic? Do you agree that this is patriotic? Let's discuss in the comments!