'Tomorrowland' Superbowl Spot

The film Tomorrowland received new footage with their Super Bowl TV spot. Check it out now right here:

Not much really to be said here. Although it revealed a lot more footage than the initial teaser, it still is a mystery as to what this plot really is about. I like that A LOT. Keeping things a secret for films is such a great thing to do, especially for one as intriguing as Tomorrowland. As for what they did revealed, they've definitely established this extravagant world that is Tomorrowland. This is one of my anticipated movies of the year, and I'm sure it won't disappoint since it's in good hands.

I'll make sure to upload the other Super Bowl spots as they appear online. Keep in mind they won't all have a long review since they are only 30 seconds long.