The Ultimate Action/Monster Mashup Movie.

Both action and monster movies are great, but when they're both combined, they can be something more. With Jurassic World in theaters and roaring at the box office, why not take this time to come up with the ULTIMATE action/monster mashup movie?! 

Here's the log line:

Mayhem and destruction has consumed the world into chaos. A mutated crocodile species has been eating the flesh and bones of innocent civilians throughout the continents and taking over the land with the help of the once dead Alexander the Great. He has returned from the dead with the help of the vicious crocs to rule and create his new land: Macedon II. Who can possibly stop this man from wrecking havoc across the globe? Charlie Sheen of course! The shameful man has seen the world burn into flames, and has also seen his local bar demolished from the crocs. Full of anger and rage, he attempts to pursue Alexander and end his reign of terror. He will need some help along the way, so he finds Macauley Culkin in the middle of Oregon, and together they go on a long journey full of boos and booby traps to destroy the killing machines and their ruler. 

The title: Killer Crocs of Macedon

Hope that brings some joy to your day! Just to let you know, Warner Bros have bought the rights to this story and are in the process of finding writers and a director. Rumor has it that George Miller might be directing.

(Just kidding)