'The Cobbler' Trailer ... A Good Adam Sandler Movie?!

An international trailer for the next Adam Sandler movie, 'The Cobbler' dropped:

In the past few years, our eyes have  been exposed to numerous horrible Adam Sandler movies. I personally would like to take you on a trip. A trip to an alternate universe where 'Jack and Jill', 'Blended' and 'Grown Ups 2' do not exist. A universe that only has the good Adam Sandler movies such as 'Click', 'Happy Gilmore' and 'The Wedding Singer'. Ahhh.... Feels good, doesn't it?

I believe that Adam Sandler is one of those comedy actors that can transform a silly comedy into an emotional piece. For example: 'Click' has a ton of childish fart and pee jokes but I have honestly cried at one point in the movie. However, lately, he has been making the stupidest movies. This looks like it could be his comeback. 

For all we know so far, Adam Sandler plays a shoe-maker who can transform himself into anyone by wearing their shoes. The whole switching bodies thing feels like you are in the 80's but with this concept, there is an unlimited number of jokes you can do. 

To this point, we do not know the theme or the direction they are going with, since this is a first trailer but the potential is collosal. 

So, tell us what you think of the movie. Do you think this will be a train-wreck or the next biggest thing? Tell us in the comments!