Spiderman is OFFICIALLY in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


There have been rumours but it is now official. Sony has given Marvel to let him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is big news because this means that we will see Spiderman finally interact with other heroes. For the deal, Sony gave rights to Marvel but they still have the right to make Spiderman movies, which means we will see two different spider-mans. 

Obviously, Spiderman will not be in 'Age of Ultron', however he has a huge chance of being in 'Captain America: Civil War'. It is not too late, if they haven't started filming. Spiderman is a big part of the Civil War story line in the comics so many comic book fans all around the world are celebrating. 

I personally hope that they will not spend too much time on the backstory, because even if you aren't a comic book or movie fan, you know what happens to Peter Parker. So, tell us in the comments: are you excited for Spiderman joining the MCU? Who would you cast as Spiderman? And will Fantastic Four follow the same path?