'Poltergeist' Reboot Review

They're heeere ... again. Sam Raimi's next movie stars Sam Rockwell in the re-make of the classic horror movie, 'Poltergeist'. Here is the trailer: 

If you are familiar with this website, you would know that generally, we aren't that keen about the reboots of Hollywood classics. However, we will be fair and judge with a clean state. Just by this trailer, it looks great. The cinematography is very neat looking overall. The visual effects are of course better than the original. The acting is mediocre; not impressive but solid. The trailer is very exciting however, when it comes to horror movies, we only really care about the horror, and that is where the skepticism arises. 

Horror movies these days are full of cheap jump scares wrapped around with a horrible plot sprinkled with stupid characters. Just look at Anabelle, Quija, and that new Paranormal Activity, I have honestly stopped counting how many of those there are. When incredible horror/thriller movies come out such as Anabelle or The Babadook, they are hated on because they make the audience answer the questions. This is not an angry rant but a cautious and worried one. There is no doubt why they rebooted the movie. Money. Let's just hope they do not follow the 21st Century Cook book of making horror movies and they stay true to the original material. 

So, what did you think of the movie? Do you think it will be good? Tell us in the comments.