'No Escape' Trailer Discussion

After 'As Above So Below', brothers John Erick and Drew Dowdle are taking on yet another thriller. 'No Escape' stars Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan and it's about an American's struggle to keep his family safe in a dangerous Asian city. Below is the trailer: 

The trailer is very intense and on-edge with the well selected song and an unexpectedly well performance by Owen Wilson. Dark hallways with low lighting . A scared and helpless family. A brutal army. Intense chase scenes. This brought memories from 'World War Z'. It definitely has that mood and quality. 

Let's hope that the movie will choose the right path and be self aware. There are many factors to be sensitive for in a concept such as this. Brosnan says: "Welcome to Asia" and we see a bunch of shots of Wilson running away. An American having a hard time in a foreign country has been done many times. In order to execute this concept properly, they need to give proper motivations for the two sides fighting, they need to make the family not annoying and have Brosnan's character be significant to the story and not as a Box office grab. 

So, what did you thing of this trailer? Will this movie exceed your expectations? Let's discuss!