'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' Trailer + Discussion

The trailer for what is probably going to be the most incredible action movie of 2015 is here:

'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' tells the story of Ethan Hunt, who has recently escaped from prison (again) and is now working to take down a group within his agency group called the Syndicate. 

It is very surprising that an action/adventure movie is getting better with every movie. 'M.I. 3' and 'Ghost Protocol' are clearly the best ones of the franchise. The plot is always refreshing and not just a simple "take down the bad guy for the nation" cliche. The cast is great. We have Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and stealing every scene. The addition of Simon Pegg brings light humour and Jeremy Renner brings mystery. This movie also includes Alec Baldwin with a small role, which is very exciting because of Baldwin's great performance of a bossy person in 'The Departed'. 

Every movie of this franchise gets a new director and this is how each movie keeps feeling fresh and breath-taking. This teaser trailer shows some exotic locations, as well as some great action sequences. What did you think of the trailer? Will this movie be the best of the franchise? Let's discuss!

Here is the poster: