Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

The long-awaited trailer for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' dropped today and it is not what people were expecting. People are split over this subject and we are ready to discuss it. Here is the trailer: 

I think this may be the best trailer of the year and it got me more excited for this than the new Star Wars. The tiny teaser they showed in Comic Con was just a snippet of some of the shots they showed in this trailer. It did not deliver its tone or direction. This one however told the viewer a lot. 

From all we know so far, it's about gang fights for oil and water in a post apocalyptic world. It stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. They both looked outstanding (as expected) in the trailer but Nicholas Holt stole the show for me. He played the character Beast in 'X-men: First Class' and he was  the lead of 'Warm Bodies'. In this one, however, he was the bald headed lunatic. I did not even know it was him until the titles at the end. What a transformation! 

The biggest reason I am excited for this trailer is the amount of practical effects and real life stunts. Everything in this trailer was very well choreographed and it was all practical. In the last few years, CGI has been taking over the studios, so it's very refreshing to see the comeback of the practical. The reason I am emphasising this is because not only they look better but when they are mixed with real life stunts, they make the actors truly experience the scenes and get the best performance out of them. 

If the music or the nightmarish costumes told you anything, it's that this movie is going to be based around strange and crazy people, which is always fun to watch. The stunning visuals and the overall colour is simply beautiful. The playfulness (an awkward way to describe shots, but you get what I mean) and complexity of the shots really express the direction, this is going. I think George Miller will produce one of the best movies of 2015.

So what did you think of the trailer? Do you find my words of excitement blasphemed? Tell us in the comments!