'Jurassic World' Superbowl Spot

The Super Bowl spots continue with a brand new one for Jurassic World. Check it out (it's got dinosaurs!):

Now that's a vast improvement! I must say I wasn't a big fan of the trailer for this film. In fact, I think I was less excited for the movie after I saw it. But now, it's all back. This was a great comeback with almost each shot being new. Something I liked was how they're setting up this big showdown between the big dinosaur and Chris Pratt. It seems like Pratt is going Rambo style on this beast! I also loved seeing some more footage of this huge dinosaur they created. It seems like he's going to wreck havoc on the park, similar to how Godzilla did last year. I am now very excited for Jurassic World, and although I still may have some worries, this could be a pretty great movie.