'Furious 7' Superbowl Spot

Here's the new Superbowl spot for Furious 7. Check it out:

I'm not a big fan of these movies. To me, it's just the same stuff splattered on screen. Why do we have 7 of these movies? Honestly Hollywood, get original! This is shaping up to be the same thing again. Just some more action again. One thing I really hated from this was the action scene in the building. They completely ruined that scene which will be in the movie because we know what happens at the end of it all. It completely ruins the whole intense action stunt they set up. I know they left us hanging with the car dropping from the second building, but why include that? Just leave us with that glimpse of the car falling off the first one. Something else that worries me is the director, James Wan. He's made a mark in the horror genre with The Conjuring and Insidious, but can he do action? These do seem like decent action scenes, but will he do the series justice? If he's able to add something new to this long running franchise, I'm all in.