'Fantastic Four' Trailer and Poster

Countless production problems and recastings later, we finally have a trailer for the remake of 'Fantastic Four. Here it is: 

This trailer delivers a very well written monologue voice over on top of some great panoramic shots and snippets of action. To be completely honest, this was not near bad. It was at least better than the 'Ant-man' trailer. It did not look great but it definitely raised my hopes.

The visual effects look alright. They aren't great but they are of good quality. The new costumes look better than the first take on the Fantastic Four. I can't really talk about acting or performances since there isn't any. However, I have a good feeling about the casting. I hope that they show some good action sequences in the next trailer but for now, this trailer achieved its purpose and that is to get you excited. 

Here is the poster for the movie:

So, tell us what you think of the trailer and the poster. Do you think that it is going to be horrible or a refreshing take?